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Recap of President Biden's First Executive Orders

President Biden rolled out 15 executive orders and two other action items on Wednesday from immigration to climate change. We’ve created a quick recap to keep you informed.

Income Inequality

  • President Biden’s executive orders on Wednesday aim to provide immediate financial relief to the millions of Americans who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic.

  • One orders the Center for Control Disease (CDC), as well as three federal departments, to extend the moratoriums on evictions and foreclosures through March 31st.

  • The second financial relief-minded executive order extends the freeze placed on student loan debt collection through September 30th of this year.

  • President Biden signed an executive order suspending the “Muslim Ban,” which restricted travel to the U.S. from more than a dozen majority-Muslim countries.

  • President Biden’s executive order calls on Congress to pass a law providing an eight-year path to citizenship for those protected by #DACA.

  • Biden’s administration will also issue new guidance to officials at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (a subsidiary of the Department of Homeland Security) to put a halt on family separation.

  • The President will also extend protections against deportation for thousands of Liberians living in the United States.


  • 100-day mask challenge to the country, pairing it with an executive order to mandate all individuals to wear a mask in all federal buildings and during interstate travel.

  • Jeff Zients has been assigned to provide the president with daily briefings about vaccine distribution, testing supplies, the production and availability of personal protective equipment for health workers, and everything else related to the pandemic response.


  • The new administration will also be rejoining the Paris climate accords, which seeks to reduce global carbon emissions and incentivize the production of green energy.

  • A second environment-focused executive order will cut off private companies from drilling for oil and gas on federal lands, which will immediately halt construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. The orders will place protections over other federal lands Mr. Trump had opened up to various private companies for development.

Race & Inequality

  • The first executive order reverses a Trump-era order not to count undocumented immigrants living in the United States in the current census.

  • The second executive order calls on the federal bureaucracy to conduct reviews and isolate any racial inequities in how government resources are allocated. It also dissolves the 1776 Commission, which promotes “patriotic education” in public schools instead of decolonization of the curriculum.

  • The third executive order in this area extends federal workplace sex discrimination protections to LGBTQ Americans.

President Biden explained that he will sign more executive orders in his first 100 days in office. United Voices Foundation will keep you informed with weekly summaries. Follow us on social media to receive our latest updates.


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